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A vision of communities that grow and practise the love of Jesus.....and share it generously with others.

Outreach and Small Groups Conference with Amanda Allchorn: Saturday 25 October, 2014 

amanda allchorn

Asking a new question! Not 'how do we get people into the church' but 'how do we join in with the mission of Jesus beyond the walls of our buildings?'

Mark your diaries for this day with speaker Amanda Allchorn, who lives in the UK and is a Deacon at Christ Church Baptist Kings LangleyDuring their time spent regularly in the Dordogne, Amanda and her husband Mark worship at the church in Sainte Nathalène.

Over the past 20 years the various roles she has undertaken for Barclays CSR in the City, The Baptist Union of GB as Head of Communications and more recently National Director UK for 'The Rooftop 'at Viz-A-Viz Ministries ( have given her a wide range of experience. This includes working to build partnerships and relationships between business, staff, and charities in local communities, and developing ways for Christians to find a fresh confidence to share their faith and tell their personal and church stories beyind the walls of the church.

During the day we will ask a new question together. Not 'how do we get people into the church' but 'How do we join in with the mission of Jesus beyond the walls of our churches*'. (*or Small Groups). We will pray together, reflect on what stops us sharing our faith, consider who 'the lost' might be in our communities and think again about the call Christ makes to all of us to 'Go and make disciples' and what that means in today. Come and be inspired, challenged and encouraged to rediscover a passion and vision to share you faith with those you are called to be among'.

NB: It is worth visiting to prepare for the day)

Date: Saturday 25 October 2014
Location: Eglise Evangélique Libre
Time: 10.00 (coffee) for a 10.30 start / bring your own lunch / close around 15.30h

Details are in the planning stages for this workshop, so watch this space for more information. Please let Amy Owensmith know if you would like to register, or for more details (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


The Intercontinental Church Society launches its new website

icsThe new website for ICS was recently launched.  More interactive, more responsive and with new content. The site outlines the people and the work of ICS as well as the chaplaincies and ministry we are involved in.

We invite you to visit the new website, show it to your friends, and spread the word!

On the new website, not only will you find daily prayer points but up to the minute prayer news and requests.  We hope this allows you to pray for ICS more intelligently and frequently.

You can find the site at

If you are on Facebook you can like us here


rule of life

Focus in 2014...Cultivating a Rule of Life 

Our spiritual focus for 2013 was Lectio Divina - digesting Scripture prayerfully. More than 90 people participated in the Belloc retreat and in the 1-day workshops that followed. Some workshops are still to come early 2014. The idea to take Belloc 'on the road’ has worked really well, and for 2014 we hope to continue with these 1-day workshops (see below).!

To follow on, our spiritual focus for 2014 will be ‘Cultivating a Rule of Life’. In a way we continue with work done on ‘prayer' and ‘digesting Scripture’ (Lectio Divina), yet we also hope to break new ground. The idea is to offer encouragement and practical suggestions to all who are willing to go on the journey, in having their lives shaped under God, being Jesus followers…living the life of the Spirit, whether we have been on the faith journey for many decades or whether we have just started. Let us continue to encourage one another on that journey in 2014! We will explore ‘Rule of Life’ at the Belloc retreat (theme: On Love and Fear - an introduction into Ignatian spirituality) and in the 1-day “Rule of Life’ workshops that will hopefully follow.!

May the Lord bless you and keep you on this next phase of your journey…and for all that lies ahead in 2014!

Love, prayers and blessings, Paul



Our role is to minister to the spiritual needs of English-speaking people in the Dordogne, Lot-et-Garonne and Gironde. As an Anglican Chaplaincy, part of the Diocese in Europe, we are home to Christians from all denominations. We also welcome those who are exploring questions of faith, or who are simply looking for companionship or support. All are welcome! Currently congregations comprising many different nationalities meet in a dozen or so worship centres in an area the size of Wales. Services in English are led by a growing team of clergy, lay readers and congregational worship leaders, and include Holy Communion, Morning Worship, Prayer and Praise, Family Services, and Evensong. 



Diocese in EuropeICSWe are part of the Diocese in Europe, and are supported by the Intercontinental Church Society.