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A vision of communities that grow and practise the love of Jesus.....and share it generously with others.

A performance of Stainer's Crucifixion

On Good Friday (18th April) 5.00pm at St Catherine's Church Upper Limeuil there will be a performance of Stainer's Crucifixion. All are very welcome and this is a truly moving event not to be missed.

rule of life

Lent Sermon Series: 7 Highly Destructive Habits

true self"Preaching on the 7 deadly sins?... Are you mad??"..... Yes, I hope to preach on 7 highly destructive habits in the season of Lent...and just beyond. 
Pride...Anger....Envy....Lust....Greed...Gluttony... and Sloth will all make a star appearance....If you want to focus on this for your Lent reading, I can recommend 2 books:
The Seven Deadly Sins - How to overcome life's most toxic habits by Graham Tomlin, 
- Coming home to your true self - Leaving the emptiness of false attractions by Albert Haase OFM
The idea is not be miserable in Lent....but to allow the light of the Gospel to set us free. That we all may have our eyes opened to the things that try to destroy us....but then also know the immeasurable GRACE in Christ Jesus to stand and overcome. If all goes well, recorded sermons should appear on our website, in the sermon section. 
Wishing you a Blessed Lent, Paul


rule of life

Focus in 2014...Cultivating a Rule of Life 

Our spiritual focus for 2013 was Lectio Divina - digesting Scripture prayerfully. More than 90 people participated in the Belloc retreat and in the 1-day workshops that followed. Some workshops are still to come early 2014. The idea to take Belloc 'on the road’ has worked really well, and for 2014 we hope to continue with these 1-day workshops (see below).!

To follow on, our spiritual focus for 2014 will be ‘Cultivating a Rule of Life’. In a way we continue with work done on ‘prayer' and ‘digesting Scripture’ (Lectio Divina), yet we also hope to break new ground. The idea is to offer encouragement and practical suggestions to all who are willing to go on the journey, in having their lives shaped under God, being Jesus followers…living the life of the Spirit, whether we have been on the faith journey for many decades or whether we have just started. Let us continue to encourage one another on that journey in 2014! We will explore ‘Rule of Life’ at the Belloc retreat (theme: On Love and Fear - an introduction into Ignatian spirituality) and in the 1-day “Rule of Life’ workshops that will hopefully follow.!

May the Lord bless you and keep you on this next phase of your journey…and for all that lies ahead in 2014!

Love, prayers and blessings, Paul



Our role is to minister to the spiritual needs of English-speaking people in the Dordogne, Lot-et-Garonne and Gironde. As an Anglican Chaplaincy, part of the Diocese in Europe, we are home to Christians from all denominations. We also welcome those who are exploring questions of faith, or who are simply looking for companionship or support. All are welcome! Currently congregations comprising many different nationalities meet in a dozen or so worship centres in an area the size of Wales. Services in English are led by a growing team of clergy, lay readers and congregational worship leaders, and include Holy Communion, Morning Worship, Prayer and Praise, Family Services, and Evensong. 



Diocese in EuropeICSWe are part of the Diocese in Europe, and are supported by the Intercontinental Church Society.