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2017 Women's Retreat: April 21st to 23rd

Register now - Only 6 places left!!!

Come and see, Come and taste ‘Made to Measure’ Retreat 2017.

women's retreat

On Friday 21st to 23rd April 2017, the week-end following Easter, you have the opportunity to ‘Escape’ and spend time in the wonderful comfortable, peaceful surroundings of Abbaye Notre Dame in Echourgnac (northern Dordogne), with other women of a like mind and enjoy a time of discovery!!

This is a Women's Retreat that is similar, but different, to one held last year. It's especially designed for Women who desire to seek God’s purpose for them, to get in touch with how God sees them and to grow into the likeness of who they are, and that they are ‘Made to Measure’.

Download the booking form here.

The Rev'd Elaine Labourel, from St Mark's Church, Versailles, is an accomplished speaker with amazing warmth, humour and compassion for women and their state. We are fortunate to have her, as she travels a lot and cares for all the Lay Ministers in the Anglican Diocese in Europe. Accompanied in leading the retreat by Rev'd Deacon Charlotte Sullivan and Amanda Allchorn, you will have the opportunity to discover more about yourselves. This Retreat offers not only discovery and an opportunity to deepen your journey with God, but also time to have fun and a chance to be creative and to rest!

Madeleine Holmes will lead you into discovery of yourselves with paper, paint, fabric and thread, which of necessity, always leads to some laughter as well as a unique way of looking at how we are ‘Made to Measure’ and in God's image.

Don’t delay, but book your place using the available booking form which needs to be sent to Amy Owensmith in Chaplaincy of Aquitaine Administration. The accommodation (en suite single rooms) and serenity that the Abbaye Notre Dame in Echourgnac offers is a perfect setting, not to mention the catering!

So for once, down tools and do something for yourself this April...come and join us and book early...remembering numbers are limited, as is accommodation.

Come and see, Come and taste ‘Made to Measure’ Retreat 2017.

Read information about the speakers here.

Download the booking form here.

For more information about the venue, click here to visit the monastery's website.