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A vision of communities that grow and practise the love of Jesus...and share it generously with others.

safeguardingThe Chaplaincy considers Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults to be of utmost importance. Please contact the Chaplaincy Safeguarding Officer (Dave Wybrow) with any Safeguarding concern, no matter how trivial the matter may seem: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here for the Diocese Safeguarding Policy and Guidance

Schedule of church services

All are welcome to attend our services; the 'passe sanitaire' is not a requirement

christian unityTuesday 18 January

20:00 Marmande (47200) church, Christian Unity Celebration

Friday 21 January

18:00 Ribérac church, Christian Unity Celebration

Saturday 22nd January

11:00 Le Bugue church, Christian Unity Celebration

15:00 St Médard (47130), Christian Unity Celebration

18:00 Périgueux (église St Georges), Christian Unity Celebration


10:30 Bertric Burée, Holy Communion, Rev'd Brian Davies

10:30 Bordeaux, Protestant service for Christian Unity, Pasteur Andreas Braun and Rev'd Tony Lomas

10:30 Eymet Temple, Fresh Expressions, Allan Petchey

10:30 Limeuil, Morning Praise, David Albrecht

10:30 Négrondes, Mission Service, Chris Benson

15:30 Bordeaux, Family Communion, Rev'd Tony Lomas

Tuesday 25 January

19:00 Ste Livrade (47110), Christian Unity Celebration

Thursday 27 January

11:00 Condom, Holy Communion, Rev'd Tony Lomas


10:30 Bertric Burée, Open Door, church open for prayer

10:30 Eymet Temple, Protestant Communion

10:30 Limeuil, Christingle service, Anne Penfold

15:30 Bordeaux, Prayer & Praise, Heather Gardiner

16:00 Monteton, Choral Evensong, Rev'd Liz Morris


10:30 Bertric Burée, Open Door, church is open for prayer

10:30 Eymet Temple, Fresh Expressions, Allan Petchey

10:30 Négrondes, Family Service, Patrick Sturges

11:00 Doudrac – Holy Communion, Rev'd Liz Morris

15:30 Bordeaux, Holy Communion, Rev'd Tony Lomas

16:00 Bertric Burée, Evensong, Sheila Marshall

Wednesday 09 February

11:00 Bertric Burée, BCP Holy Communion, Rev'd Brian Davies


10:30 Bertric Burée, Morning Worship, Steve Long

10:30 Eymet Temple, Fresh Expressions, Allan Petchey

10:30 Limeuil, Family Communion, Rev'd Tony Lomas (followed by Local Annual Meeting)

10:30 Monteton, Morning Praise, David Albrecht

10:30 Négrondes, Holy Communion, Rev'd Brian Davies

15:30 Bordeaux, All Age Worship, Anne Penfold


church onlineClick here to visit Church Online, an online space to keep us connected during this time, sharing worship liturgy resources, videos, prayers, and a blog.








Message from Tony: 

I am hugely grateful to those of you who have already taken steps to make regular or one-off donations to the Chaplaincy over the last couple of months. As the country slowly moves out of lockdown we are faced with a whole new set of challenges. It is likely to be a considerable time yet before we can hope that our financial situation will return to a more normal pattern and so we are still deeply reliant on your generosity and giving as part of your discipleship.

We will, therefore, continue to be particularly grateful if you feel able to make donations (one-off or regular) that might compensate for the loss of ‘plate giving’ and fund-raising events. This can be done through your bank by prélèvement (standing order) or by our online giving page.

I long for a time when we will be able to meet again, but in the meantime we will continue to provide opportunities for various forms of worship, study, prayer and pastoral support online.Thank you for your commitment to the life of this wonderful Chaplaincy. Blessings, Tony


rev'd tony and ingrid

A warm welcome from our Chaplain, Rev'd Tony Lomas We are on a 'shared journey: growing in Christ.' We are far from perfect, yet we strive to love, pray and live like Jesus. We are convinced that if we open ourselves to Jesus, read moreby listening to his Word and the Holy Spirit (and act on that!!), we will bear much fruit (John 15). We hope that many will join us on that exciting journey...including you!



growing in christchaplaincy of aquitaine

The Chaplaincy of Aquitaine first came into being in 1825, when a church community was established in Bordeaux. In south-west France it seems that there have always been people seeking to worship God in the English language, and so for almost 195 years we have been able, as the Psalmist puts it, to ‘sing the Lordread more’s song in a foreign land’.(Psalm 137:14Read more about the Chaplaincy's growth over the years in Aquitaine.


aquitaine map Find a church near you

in the Dordogne, Gers,

Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne

Bertric Burée (24320)

Chancelade (24650)

Négrondes (24460)

Eymet Temple (24500)

Limeuil (24510)

Sainte Nathalène (24200)

Bordeaux (33200)

Dondas (47470), Doudrac (47210)

Envals (47150), St Médard (47130)

Monteton (47120)

Condom Chapel (32100)

Condom Fresh Expressions (32100)


worship services

Worship Services in English are led by a growing team of clergy, lay readers and congregational worship leaders, and include Holy Communion, Morning Worship, Prayer and Praise, Family Services, and Evensong. As anread more Anglican Chaplaincy, part of the Diocese in Europe, we are home to Christians from all denominations. We also welcome those who are exploring questions of faith, or who are simply looking for companionship or support. All are welcome!


Diocese in EuropeicsWe are part of the Diocese in Europe, and are supported by the Intercontinental Church Society.