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Joyous Carols and Christmas celebrations!!

The Christmas Carol Service at the Abbey in Chancelade was a moving event. As usual, 'Variations' Choir gave us some lovely renderings of much loved carols. Afterwards we all ate mince pies and mulled wine in the Vestry. Thanks go out to all those who gave up their afternoon and volunteered to help with the feast.

We began our local Christmas at Négrondes, decorating the church. This was great fun and the church looked lovely. Somehow it knitted everyone together as did our Carol Service on the evening of the 20th. We were very pleased to have so many French in the congregation. The Church really looked lovely with a tree and greenery and many of us had made little figures of kings, shepherds and even sheep. Thanks go out to all who decorated the church, spent time making figures, and generally helping the evening get on its way. Some of the French ladies commented on our bright and welcoming decorations, and thanked us for such a warm welcome.


Annual September BBQ sunny and well attended

On Saturday 2 September we had our annual BBQ at Elizabeth Oaten’s house. Many thanks to her for all the preliminary work setting up tables and generally organising the meat and the cooking, which was a big job. The paying guests brought lovely food, and the whole day was most enjoyable. We were lucky with the weather, and it turned into a sunny day after rather a dull early morning. A total of 375 € was earned, which was shared as following: 225 € went to our charity 'All as One', an orphanage in Sierra Leone run by nuns. After all the flooding life must be very hard and miserable for them all. A further 150 € was given to the Chaplaincy.


Encouraging talk on Miracles at August service

The Négrondes service on the 13th August was led by Patrick Sturges and he opened our eyes to miracles, how many miracles can sometimes be ordinary things made super special , wonderful, exceptional, by the many small contributions of other peoples generosity and love. This is not to denigrate the miracles of the Bible but to open our eyes to the posibilites that we are living in the same age and they are and can continue to happen. After the service there was a bring and share lunch chez Brook at their new home.


Farewell to our dear friend Jacqueline Morgan

memorial serviceFor many in our area we had the very sad news of our dear friend Jacqueline Morgan's death from cancer, she fought a long and brave battle but in the end the call came and we are sure she is in heavenly realm making new friends there.

There was a memorial service for her at Chancelade on the same day as the funeral in the UK, Thursday 13th July. This was led by Rev'd Tony Lomas. Dr. Jacqueline Mary Morgan had been suffering from cancer and bore her suffering with laughter and fun and a positivity, never a word of complaint did we hear. The lovely home she and Rev'd John had in Bourdeilles was a haven she hoped to return to, her beautiful garden that she had created, the tranquility of the river running by. Surely her spirit will rest there God willing. She will be missed by many.


Another successful June Strawberry Tea!!

The ‘not to be missed’ Strawberry Tea on June 10th was a success, with lovely hot weather, delightful company and beautiful surroundings in Liz and Cedric's garden setting. About 40 people attended, 80 € made on plants, and a total of 536 € was earned for the Chaplaincy. Thanks to Liz and Cedric for their hospitality, and all who gave their time up to help, you were much appreciated.



Brocante in Sorges: Thursday May 25th

Sorges Brocante, what a hot day to be sitting in the sun and trying to sell beautiful things to various folks that passed our way and they already have plenty of everything! However we enjoyed each other's company. The Brocante and Belloc church weekend clashed, as did various of our fellowship being on holiday so we were very few, just 2 of us selling our wares.

Patrick and Penny, as is their way, opened their home and we were joined by various friends and enjoyed a bring and share lunch together. We all noted that this year there were many more activities  over the region so quite some competition for attendance, c'est la vie, we enjoyed our day meeting old friends and new. We received donations of a little over €180 for church funds.


Active in ecumenical events

les voix de la bibleOur church has been active in the work of the Bishop of Perigueux's ecumenical committee - by contributing and taking part in a service of Passion readings in the Cathedral on Good Friday and having twelve of our church family, with two from Bertric Buree, taking part in the 'Les Voix de la Bible' non-stop reading of the Bible in the Cathedral between 9th and 12th May. As in past years, we are most grateful for the hard work of Veronica Dare-Bryan who plans the input of the Anglican team for this annual event. One of twelve descriptive panels prepared for the 'Voix de la Bible', prepared by different members of the ecumenical committee, has been one describing the Anglican Communion. This has been on display throughout the period of the reading and was prepared jointly by the Chaplain and Patrick Sturges.


Easter services at our church

palm sundayWe had a lovely Palm Sunday service with Janis Adams, which included a short procession around Négrondes church.

Our Easter service was led by Father Steven Traves, his last here in France before returning with his wife Anthea to the UK. The service at the Chapel St Jean, Chancelade was a lovely joyful service and the chapel looked beautiful with easter flowers. 

The service was followed by a bring and share lunch at the home of Liz Oaten  which was as ever a vey happy time with great food. Gifts and cards were given to Steven and Andrea along with many good wishes for their future in Britain.


Delightful Christian Unity service

Some of us attended the service on 19th January in the Protestant Temple, Périgueux, hosted by Pasteur Pierrot Munch. There were priests, ministers and congregation from all the local Christian religions in the area, Catholics, Protestant, Evangelists, Orthodox, Adventists etc.

Father Stephen Traves and Patrick Sturges represented the Church of England. The theme was about building an obstructive wall from boxes marked with unpleasant things that the human race does, such as prejudice, hate, lies. Then the wall was rebuilt in the shape of a cross showing the opposite side of the boxes with words such as love, unity, equality, sharing. This is always a cheerful, friendly service with quite a bit of congregation participation in the way of short readings, singing and the lighting of candles. The service is followed by a finger food buffet and a chance to talk to each other, then there is a “conference” lecture after it (in French).


2016 News

December news

It has been a busy December for our small Centre. As we worship in 2 separate churches we’ve had 2 lovely Carol Services. The Chancelade Carol service is the bigger one as French people come to it as well as the English and the Variations Choir come to sing. But there is one disadvantage – lack of heating. Numbers have fallen, 105 this year. The most we have had is 225. Could this be because of the cold or that more people have moved back to the UK or died? This has affected our Centre in the last few years. But it is always a lovely service, led this year by our Chaplain, Tony, and Père Sebastien, the Prior of the Abbey, with Patrick Sturges. The Abbey is beautiful and was decorated with greenery and berries by Liz Oaten and Frances Pengelly. Veronica Dare Bryan and her helpers organised the party in the presbytery afterwards with the serving of mince pies and mulled wine.

The Négrondes Carol service is smaller and more intimate. The church is smaller and cosier as it’s heated. There were 30 of us and the moving service was led by Chaplain Tony and LLM Patrick. Sparkling wine and finger foods, donated by the congregation, were served afterwards.

Christmas Day fell on a Sunday this year and Tony very kindly drove up to Négrondes to lead the Holy Communion Service. Several congregation members were away, with families and friends, so only 12 were present. But the Sermon was memorable, about gifts, involving a cracker and the pulling of it by Tony and Patrick!


Rembrance Sunday Service

We had a lovely, moving Remembrance Service with Sheila Marshall assisted by Patrick Sturges. Barrie Saunders carried a wreath up to the altar and later Frances Pengelly carried a candle up to the altar. Poppies were sold at the entrance of the church.


Harvest gifts donated to Secours Catholique

The Centre wardens were invited to attend the opening of the newly opened Secours Catholique drop-in centre in Négrondes on Wednesday 19th October, which proved to be quite a grand affair with the presence of the depute and other local dignitaries. We have been supporters of the Secours Catholique for about twelve years, particularly with our Harvest Festival gifts and have developed a close relationship with the local members. If you look carefully at this photograph of the gathering you will spot Liz Oaten.

Having held our first Harvest Festival at Chancelade under the presidency of our Chaplain on 16th October, local members of the Secours Catholique joined us at our second service in Négrondes on Sunday 23rd October to receive all our harvest gifts. After the service, about 25 people enjoyed a delicious Harvest bring and share lunch chez Liz Oaten. The day before, several of us attended the service at Sorges when the Bishop of Périgueux and Sarlat licenced the new curé of our sector, which was another wonderful opportunity to build ecumenical links.


September services

licensing serviceOur new Chaplain Tony and his wife Ingrid came to Chancelade for the first time on Sunday to lead our Holy Communion Service. It was a lovely service with Alison Chew, the founder of “Variations” choir at the keyboard, so we were able to sing some beautiful hymns and the “Gloria” and “Sanctus”. We all enjoyed Tony’s sermon.

Four of us went to Tony’s Licensing Service in Bordeaux, (Liz, Alexandra, Cedric and Patrick). Patrick carried the Cross at the beginning and end of the service, which was led by the Bishop of Europe, the Right Rev'd Robert Innes. It was a really good day and a delicious Bring & Share Lunch was enjoyed by all.

The Centre still needs volunteers for Local Wardens and Treasurer as Liz, Patrick and Cedric will be resigning next year, owing to length of service and other commitments. Please consider coming forth to help out.



August BBQ well attended

We held a BBQ at the home of Liz Oaten on 20 August, attended by 39 people, many were old friends. Perhaps they are not all church goers, but they enjoy attending our social events, and we are always glad to see them. We were joined by our new Chaplain, The Rev. Tony Lomas, and his wife, Ingrid. It was an excellent way for him to get to know some of his new parishioners. The food this time was particularly good, the weather a little fickle. We enjoyed ourselves.


Joyful June Strawberry Tea

Despite the month being one of almost permanent grey skies, our Strawberry Tea, held on Saturday 11th June, was another happy event in which the rain did not put in an appearance.  As in past years, this was held chez Oaten and we welcomed some 45 people to enjoy a fully fledged cream tea, rounded off with a glass of bubbly with which to toast the birthday health of Her  Majesty. Our grateful thanks to the hard-working team of helpers who established a most impressive sandwich production line, who brought along home-made cakes, scones, meringues.... set it all out and cleared up afterwards.  Nearly 500 Euros was raised for the Chaplaincy. 


may service

Blessed spring services

The service on April 24th was well attended, and was folllowed by a Bring and Share lunch chez Liz and Cedric. It’s always a surprise and blessing to see the variety of food that people bring on these occasions, we never eat just puddings for lunch!

The Holy Communion service at Pentecost was also well attended, led by Father Stephen Traves.


may service

Patrick Sturges led the service on the 8th May, which was less well attended, as several of the congregation were at Frances Pengelly and Liz Oaten’s Open Gardens day in aid of a charity for children with cancer, as part of the Open Gardens scheme. We give thanks for both events on this day: worship and charitable fundraising.

Like us awaiting a new Chaplain, the Roman Catholic Church in the area of Savignac-les-Eglises, Trelissac, Sorges, Sarliac, Négrondes, have been waiting for their new priest. Père Thierry Niquot from the Cathedral has been standing in. Père André Peryga, currently the priest at Eymet, will be taking over in August.


Merry May Brocante in Sorges

The Brocante in Sorges on Ascension Day was on a beautiful warm, sunny day. The helpers did a great job and 505€ was raised for the Chaplaincy. We always appreciate the opportunity to participate as a church family in local events.


tea and talk

Tea and Talk (and Cake) chez the Brooks

On Wednesday 20th April Elizabeth and Philip Brook invited the congregation to Tea and Talk (and cake!) in their home. Elizabeth played a CD which the Revds Wooderson had sent her. It was a talk about joy and Christianity by an American minister, Timothy Keller. Then there was a discussion about joy and what it means to Christians. Ten people were present. It was a good meeting.





Easter in Négrondes

We had a lovely Easter Sunday Service in Négrondes led by Sheila Marshall. Sheila had been given permission to give us Holy Communion by Extension. The Church was prettily decorated with flowers from Penny Sturges and Veronica Dare-Bryan.





Ecumenical Good Friday Stations of the Cross in Périgueux

good fridayOn Good Friday there was an Ecumenical Stations of the Cross in the beautiful Jardin des'Arènes in Périgueux, which made a lovely setting for it. It started with Georges Salvador, the 7th Day Adventist pastor, washing a man's feet and finished with the Crucifixion when the Bishop of Périgueux, the clergy and many of the crowd spontaneously knelt down on the wet ground in front of the Cross. The Anglicans from Chancelade and Négrondes sector presented the station where Jesus appeared before Pilate, was flogged, crowned with thorns and the crowd called out "Crucify Him". Liz and Patrick read the passage from John's Gospel, Veronica read the prayer of Saint Anselm and we sang "There is a Green Hill". The event started in the evening light but by the time the Crucifixion was reached it was dark.


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity service

On the 21st of January there was an ecumenical service to celebrate Christian Unity Week, held in he Chapel of Lycée Saint Joseph in Périgueux. Patrick Sturges represented the Anglicans and our Chaplaincy, as a Reader in Training. Many different denominations of Christianity in the Périgueux area were there: Romanian Orthodox, Protestants, Catholics, 7th Day Adventists, Evangelists, Baptists and us. It was a joyful occasion and when the Lord’s Prayer was said in English and sung in French everyone spontaneously held hands. We were all given pieces of bread which we dipped in salt and exchanged with the person next to us. After the service there were refreshments in the sale polyvalente where we were able to meet each other for a chat. The refreshments were followed by a talk on Ecology and Christianity by the Romanian Orthodox priest.



2015 News

Delightful Carol Services

This year, our sector held Christmas Carol services in both Chancelade and Négrondes. These annual events are a lovely opportunity to share the Gospel message with many, and celebrate the birth of Christ with our friends from other churches. As is our delightful tradition, minced pies and mulled wine were served after the Chancelade service, and the Négrondes service was followed by a festive meal.


Last minute change of venue and quick thinking!

serviceA Holy Communion service was scheduled to take place on Sunday october 25th at the church in Négrondes; the service was to be Rev’d Barrie Green’s first visit to the church. Arriving early he met not only our local wardens, but dozens of other people going to the church. Barrie and the wardens soon were informed that they were the French Community attending the church for a special mass. They had forgotten to inform us.

After a quick conference between Barrie and the local wardens, Liz Oaten and Chris Billings, it was decided to repair to Liz Oaten’s house 25 mins away for the service. Sue Baker remained at the church to try to inform our congregation, but unfortunately all the cars parks were full, traffic jams and crowds of people village around and going into the church, many did not stop, but left the village.

Those that managed to find Liz’s house - which is not easy to find - enjoyed a service led by Barrie. Music by CD’s and Barrie on his guitar. The wardens subsequently received an apology from our Catholic friends to say it was a mistake on their part not informing us.


Successful May Brocante in Sorges

brocanteThe brocante in aid of Chaplaincy funds was very successful. This took place at Sorges, outside Patrick Sturges' house and using his garage as a depot, on Ascension day,May 14th. An early start was mandatory with helpers arriving if not at the crack of dawn, then certainly in earshot of it.

Have you noted that somehow brocantes tend to have a character of their own? This one seemed book-orientated with at least one very good professional stall. Our stall displayed a variety of quality goods donated to the cause (thank you everyone), including, for example, a large bird cage, a samurai statue, and a ladies bicycle, plus the usual plethora of ornaments, books, toys, etc. It also had a strong contingent of helpers to make a good team. Helpers contributed to, and enjoyed, a bring and share lunch, generously hosted by Patrick and Penny. The bright weather held until early afternoon when we had a short, sharp downpour. When play resumed we were almost the only stall left and we reluctantly called an end to the proceedings having raised almost €400 in the half day.


Changes after the LAM, plenty of posies on Mothering Sunday!

posies!We have just had the Local Annual Meeting in Chancelade. There are a few changes, Liz Oaten is back again as a Warden, Cedric Slinn is back as Treasurer, David Rose is Communications Officer and Sue Baker has joined the Committee. Patrick Sturges and Liz Oaten are the new Chaplaincy Council reps. but both have done it before.

We had a lovely Service for Mothering Sunday at Chancelade before the annual meeting, led by Father Stephen Traves, with his charming wife Anthea playing the keyboard. Liz Oaten had made posies for the ladies, but on arrival at the church there was a lovely surprise – Father Stephen and Anthea had made posies too. What a relief for Liz as there was a good attendance and there would not have been enough! They all had daffodils in them.


2014 News

Joyful Events around Christmas


About 150 attended the Chancelade carol service, including many French visitors. Our "Variations" choir sang beautifully, and afterwards we enjoyed a time of fellowship with mince pies and mulled wine. By the time we had the Négrondes Carol Service on the 19th December, many had travelled to the UK to be with their families, which meant fewer numbers at the Négrondes carol service, which was attended by about 28. Festivities included stollen, coffee and sparkling wine which were served after the service, after which about 16 people went for a lovely meal in the Négrondes restaurant.
We had a lovely Christmas Holy Communion Service in the Chancelade Chapel with Father Robin Nash on the 21st December. Thanks be to God for so many treasured moments at Christmas time!



Remembrance Sunday services

Paul Vrolijk led our Remembrance Sunday Service, which was well attended. We were able to celebrate the Eucharist instead of our normal Family Service and Alexandra Billing led the Sunday School. This was also followed by a varied bring and share lunch chez the Brooks.











Although it was not a specific Chaplaincy event, the French Sorges Remembrance ceremony is worthy of a place here. The Maire of Sorges invited the local English people to join the French for their ceremony around the village war memorial and our Worship Leader and Reader in Training, Patrick Sturges, had a large part in it. All the speeches in French were read out in English by Patrick and the English were thanked for their part in the liberation of France. Many of the English present were in our congregation. The village children let off 63 red, white and blue balloons, the number of young men from Sorges who lost their lives in the Great War.


Church blessing and lunch

lunchOur Service on the 2nd Sunday of October was lead by Madeleine Holmes, who took us outside to pray by the two doors of the church before starting the Family Service. The 2 Richardson boys came so Alexandra Billing took them for Sunday School. It was lovely to have Jennifer Lord, one of the Chaplaincy Wardens with us for this first service.

After the Service about 16 of us went to lunch in the new Hotel Restaurant in Négrondes. This is run by a young couple who took it on only 3 months ago. The meal was excellent, there was a choice of 2 dishes for each course, but we had been able to order in advance, thank to Elizabeth Brook’s co-ordination with the couple.



Harvest services

The Harvest family service at Sorges was shared with members from St Nathalène; we are pleased to share the lovely photos taken by Christinne Obbo. A wonderful start to our harvest celebrations that covered 3 different services. Thank you everyone again for all your generous donations for the Secours Catholique.

We had 3 Harvest Services, for each of our September Services, with collections for the Secours Catholique. At the last one in Sorges the French representants of the Secours Catholique collected our gifts. Five French people attended that Service. It was a poignant occasion as it was the last Service by Ann and Michael Wooderson before going back to Ireland and it was our last Service in Sorges church. The French said it was a lovely Service, animated and musical, but basically very similar to their Mass.



Annual September BBQ chez Liz and Cedric

The annual BBQ was held at Liz and Cedric’s house on Saturday 20th September. Despite a horrible weather forecast of thunderstorms with a risk of hail and strong gusts of winds, the day was fine and sunny! The helpers did a great job and the lunch was delicious and plentiful. There was some left for the Bring and Share lunch after the Chancelade Service with Paul the following day. Nearly 550€ was made for the Chaplaincy.


September 14th - eventful day

We had a lovely Family Service on September 14th, when we were joined by 5 friends from Sainte Nathalène. One of their local wardens, Sheila Campbell, led the Service jointly with Patrick Sturges, our Worship Leader. There was a picnic in the park afterwards, in the sunshine.

bishop installationAlso on the 14th was the new Bishop of Périgueux, Mgr Philippe Mousset’s inauguration in the Cathedral Saint Front. Liz Oaten, as a member of the Ecumenical Committee of Périgueux, was invited to it. On arrival, she was delighted to find that she had been allocated a front row seat! Together with the representatives of the other Christian religions of Périgueux. Our Chaplain, Paul, Father Stephen Traves and his wife, Anthea, were also present. The Bishop, during his address, welcomed the members of non Roman Catholic Christian Churches. After the Mass was a reception with refreshments in the square outside the Cathedral. Liz was able to have a short talk with the new Bishop.


Cedric's August talk on the Ecumenical visit to England

Cedric Slinn’s talk on August 28th, on the Ecumenical Visit to England in April was very interesting, with short videos and lots of photos. 115€ was collected for the Soul Survivor’s trip to the Bath Youth Festival next year. Paul Vrolijk asked Cedric if he would repeat the talk for other Centres in the Chaplaincy and Cedric agreed.



July 6th - service at Ste Nathalène 

On Sunday 6th July a group of us from Sorges went to the Service of the Word at Sainte Nathalène. It was a lovely service, plenty of singing – well, they have some good musicians! After the Service there was a B & S lunch so we were able to sit and share together and have a good chat. They will be coming to us for the Family Service on the 14th of September.


British market at Brantôme

brantomeOn 21 and 22 June there was a British Weekend at Brantôme. There were market stalls with British produce and various craft stalls.  Some of our members took part in a Music Hall Show. There was Scottish dancing and some vintage cars on display.

Together with Bertic Burée we had a stall opposite the Abbey.  We gave out Chaplaincy leaflets, Lecto Divina book marks and flyers for our Northern Sector. These were well received, as were the cold drinks and cakes. A huge thank you to all who rallied round and supported this new venture and leap of faith!
2 Corinthians 9:10 Now may He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness.


Ascension Day Brocante

On Ascension Day 29th May the sector held a stall at the Sorges Brocante Fair.

The weather was lovely, we had plenty of helpers and it was an enjoyable day. Around 300€ was raised for the Chaplaincy.



Strawberry Tea and Pentecost lunch

june lunch

The Strawberry Tea was on the 7th June, a lovely day! Around 60 people were able to wander round Liz’s lovely garden and smell the roses!Tea was taken on the terrace. The helpers did a wonderful job, there were sandwiches, scones with whipped cream and strawberry jam (made by Liz), cakes, bowls of strawberries and cream, unlimited cups of tea and a glass of bubbly. Philip Pearce organised a very successful raffle and Liz had arranged the plant sale in the open fronted garage. Nearly 800€ was raised for the Chaplaincy.

The following day was Pentecost Sunday. There was a Bring and Share lunch at the Brooks house. It was lovely to chat to Ann and Michael Wooderson again. Again the day was warm and sunny.


Eventful Holy Week

picnic lunchPalm Sunday was a great day, sharing in the knowledge of the risen Christ personally His friend, brother or sister.

During our last hymn we processed out of the church and into the village square singing and holding our palm crosses up high, a joy and witness to all. The service which was well attended with visitors from across the Chaplaincy and further afield any of which joined together for a bring and share lunch Chez Brook.

Holy week involved a well received service of Compline at Sorges, then on Wednesday an Easter Story and Egg Hunt. With the children we walked the story round the garden from the Star at Christmas, to Palm Sunday, the garden of Gethsemane, the trial and crucifixion. We found the tomb and shouted Hosanna for the risen Lord. A big thank you to Patrick and to Alexandra for her craft work. A lovely way to recount the age old story and to try to help our youngsters understand it’s meaning.

Maunday Thursday brought us to a Home Communion at House Group, Brian Davies led our worshipful time held in quiet reverance round the dining table evocative of that first blessing of bread and wine. This was then followed with a fellowship lunch. A lovely way to approach the Holy celebration of Easter.


World Day of Prayer in March 

jmpBertric Burée and Chancelade/Sorges joined with our Catholic and Eglise Reformee friends on Friday 7th March in Ribérac Hospital Chapel. The service was devised by the women of Egypt, 'Des eaux jailliront dans le désert' (Streams in the Desert) with strong symbols of their life in history and modern times. It is a pleasure to worship with our Christian brethren.





2013 News

Joyful Christmas fellowship!

christmas lunch

On Sunday 22nd December we had our Christmas Communion presided over by Rev'd Dr Paul Vrolijk who brought with him his lovely family, much to our delight. It was great to share time together with all of them after the service at our bring and share lunch chez Brook and especially to see how the children have grown.

Patrick was preaching at the service and spoke eloquently using stones, children, and chocolate to illustrate the loads we carry (stones) with sin and worldly cares. Handing them over to Jesus releases us to be free to accept His good gifts (chocolate).  His grace is free to all we only have to confess our need and accept His grace.



Christmas Eve Crib Service chez Brook 

To celebrate Christmas Eve, we had a Crib Service Chez Brook in the barn. This was a great idea by Elizabeth as it was the only way she could get Philip to clear the barn of all the "treasures" that "might come in one day"!!  Bless him, he worked tirelessly to prepare the way for the Lord’s birth to be celebrated in the barn. A star was made, children primed and dressed by parents, songs sent by email in the hopes they might learn a few words. Many thanks to Helen Richardson who so kindly helped in organizing this new event.


harvest chancelade

Harvest celebration at Chancelade 

Harvest at Chancelade was a really autumnal afaire with beautiful decoration by Christine and Veronica, plus some flowers left from a previous service by our fellow christians in the french fellowship of the Abbey.

It all looked glorious with the rich colours brightening an even brighter day. Thank you all.

Brian and Sheila led us through our communion service with familiar hymns of harvest thanks giving with a message from Sheila that was both thought provoking and worshipful at the same time.


October Lectio Divina workshop near Périgueux 

lectiodivinaSorges House Group welcomed the Chaplain, who led a workshop on Lectio Divina on Thursday 10th October at Liz Oaten’s House. Paul commenced with a talk on the structure of Lectio Divina - reading and understanding the Scriptures prayerfully, and contemplating how it can be applied to each person’s individual life; personality and circumstances.

Part of the workshop was devoted to a practical exercise for individuals to take a passage from Scripture and, using the methods described on the special bookmark circulated to everyone, to gain a deeper understanding of the message. Scriptural passages were selected from one of four Psalms or one of two Gospels, with the selection from Psalms being from the perspective of an individual opening their heart, and speaking to God of their desires and concerns or expressing their thanks, and the Gospel selection from the viewpoint of an individual listening to and receiving God’s Word.

Elizabeth Brook and Liz Oaten provided a simple lunch and afterwards everyone expressed heartfelt gratitude for an excellent teaching day.



Harvest Festival service at Sorges

The first of our harvest festival services was at Sorges  on sunday 13th October. Patrick Sturges ably led us in celebrating all the good gifts our heavenly Father provides for our delight and sustenance.

John Robert and Joseph learnt about creation in junior church.




Photos from picnic after August service at Chancelade

The August service of Holy Communion led by Rev'd Stephen Traves was followed by a picnic of fellowship, laughter, and overall enjoyment. Please click on each image to enlarge.


Summer review: visitors, baptisms

sorges lunch


Lots of visitors amongst our families, so a busy time with grandchildren and bbq's, swimming pools and footballs. Talking of pools we had a baptism of 2 of our church members in August. Chris and Alexandra Billing made their profession before many friends at their home in Angoisse and were baptised in the pool there.  


baptism morgan



Another baptism in August was that of Erik William Morgan, the Rev'd. John Morgan had the pleasure of baptising his grandson at Chancelade, ably assisted by Rev'd Brian Davies. We pray all these three will grow in faith and love.





 August full immersion baptism 

Chris and Alexandra Billings were supported by family and friends as they professed their faith publicly with a full immersion baptism to reaffirm their faith and commitment to our Father in heaven. May heaven be praised as we come to Him as little children trusting in His faithfulness.

Alexandra gave a small talk before the baptism, to share the story of her journey in faith. She said, "Jesus doesn't barge into your life with a battering ram and size 15 hobnail boots. He stands at the door to our lives and says “I love you, come to me”. Will you open the door and let him in? Please don't leave him on the back burner, let him set your life alight! I give thanks for all my brothers and sisters who have helped & inspired me. Praise the Lord, Amen."

Click here to read the full text.


 July Curry Evening chez Brook a great success! 

The Curry Evening Chez Brook on 6th July was a great success, and the balmy summer weather allowed us to eat outside in the flower filled courtyard. The sum of €270 was raised for the Chaplaincy.

Many thanks to everyone for their support.


 Sorges Saints Sunday School! 

childrenThere is a Family Service at Sorges on the 2nd Sunday of each month. In April we started Sunday School to enhance the Family Service. Children stay in with the family for the readings.Then they go to the vestry for teaching appropriate for their age group.

At the moment we have three 2 - 5 year olds, so no youth work yet! We don't have any photos but I'm sure that can be rectified next time, as their little faces are a picture when they come out to show what they have made! The children enjoy a craft activity as they are not at the reading and writing stage.

We have studied John 21: The Miraculous catch of fish. Jacob wouldn't be parted from his onion sac 'net' and cut out fish! Also Luke 24: The Ascension. We covered a container with blue sky and clouds and then a picture of Jesus was pulled up, to be hidden by the clouds. Another month we talked about salt and light, making lanterns was challenging with excessive amounts of glue! but great fun all round.

A suggestion for a name is Sorges Saints Sunday School. Perhaps SS for short as it sounds like a tongue twister! Suggestions on a postcard please! To get it off the ground Alexandra Billing and Elizabeth Brook are leading and covering for each other. The aim is to have 2 others to help so there are always 2 adults (leader and helper). More news to follow!


 Uplifting Songs of Praise! 

songs of praiseWhat an excellent evening the 11th turned out to be. Songs of Praise at Chancelade was so uplifting, so joyful.

Thank you to all that made it possible: Thanks to Père Louis and Père Martin for the use of the Chapel St Jean, to Keith Lowe for his superb playing of the organ  to Rev. Brian Davies and Patrick Sturges for leading us in worship. Our singing certainly raised the roof that night. Not least to all who attended, braving horrendous weather, wind and rain like no other. I passed through every emotion as we listened to the words Brian and Patrick spoke and the hymns we sung.  The usual red bucket was out and a generous sum of €96.40 was collected for Cancer Support France and Emmaus.



Easter Day Roast Lamb luncheon chez Liz Oaten

easterThe sun shone on, and so it should , our Lord is Risen Alleluia

Easter Day was celebrated with a joyful congregation at Negrondes led by Rev Cannon Tim Thompson. Welcome to all our visitors we do hope you enjoyed your time with us and will come again.


Our ever capable warden Liz Oaten prepared for 22 good folks a wonderful roast lamb luncheon. 219 € was raised for CSF (Cancer Support France) one of our chosen charities for this year.


Many thanks for the generosity of our diners; we do hope you will come again to one of our other meals that will be held later in the year.








 Successful Curry and Quiz night on March 7th

curry nightMarch far from being in like a lion and out like a lamb was quite hectic in the Sorges/ Chancelade area.  On the 7th was a very successful  Curry and Quiz night, a difficult quiz  that set everyones brains spinning and ultimately raised the excellent sum of 425€.  Very many thanks to ALL , those that prepared the food came and ate it and took part in the quiz.  Well done one and all.

curry nightThings didn't stop there !   Liz Oaten was busy as ever putting posies together for our Mothering Sunday service on the 10th to distribute to the ladies that attended church on that special day.

Patrick Sturges led our service and Annora Tiley spoke to us about Cancer Support France one of our charities this year, this is a day  always enjoyed by the Mothers and others in the middle of lent.

We were able to welcome a new family that morning and bid them a very warm welcome.  Dear Liz ever with an open house welcomed a dozen or so to her home for a bring and share lunch, many thanks Liz.


Patrick Sturges accepted for Reader training

A particular note please that Patrick has been accepted for reader training, we wish him well and hold him in our prayers as he begins his studies.


January Reflections from Elizabeth Brook, warden

Christmas seems long past, the Christ child has been born, the Kings have been with their gifts and departed for pastures new and we are left feeling a little lost in this cold and dreary month. The bright side is He is here to stay because we have Easter to come and His Spirit freely available all the time. What Joy !!

Sadly the service at Chancelade had to be cancelled because of the weather but hopefully next month will be a bit milder and we can be together again in worship. As I write this I am looking forward to the Ecumenical Service with our French brothers and sisters in Christ, to be reported in February’s contribution. Social events are a bit thin as everyone battens down the hatches as they wait for spring, however as our local committee meet on thursday keep an ear open for what’s to come. In the meantime stoke the fire bring in the logs and find a good book. I am reading God on Mute by Pete Greig and can strongly recommend it if you are struggling with unanswered prayer.

I’m looking out of my kitchen window and the sun has just broken through the rain the birds are rushing to and fro around the fat balls and seed feeders, what a variety we have this year, tits and finches of every kind I think we even have a redpoll or that’s what it looks like according to my book. They really do make me smile the way they nip in for food, the tits take it in turns most politely whilst the green finches sit and snarl at anyone that goes near when they feed. Just like us they need regular food but lets be like the blue tits and share with others, not just our physical food but the kind Jesus brought to us as a babe and as a man. Spread it around and make others smile.



2012 and 2011 News

Christmas Communion in December

christmas dinnerSorges and Chancelade enjoyed a Christmas Communion at Negrondes on Thursday 20th December led by Rev. Brian Davies, a lovely introduction to Christmas morn a few days later.

Many thanks to the mini choir that gave support to our carols with 2 lovely descants. After the service 20 or so enjoyed an excellent meal at L’Auberge de la Truffe.

christmas dinner







We look forward to renewing friendships and making new friends in the new year after our Christmas celebrations. We pray that 2013 will be a year when we draw nearer to our Lord and Saviour knowing and trusting Him to guide us through all we encounter in the days and months ahead. May it be a joy filled year for all.


Dan Jones and Dottie Bart in concert November 10th

sorge_concertThe 10th of November brought us to our Dan Jones Concert with the Dotty Bart Quartette.

This was enjoyed by over 100 good folks that came to take part in a chilli supper before the concert began. After all had eaten their fill Dan entertained us with solo classical pieces from South America, Spain and Japan. After an interval for a refreshing glass The Dottie Bart Quartette swung us to a different tune. A very enjoyable evening all round . Very many thanks to all the workers.






Remember, Remember the 5th of November !

A bonfire party was held at the home of Elizabeth & Philip Brook on 5th november, an enormous pile of burnable material made a wonderful Guy Fawkes remembrance. We even had some fireworks that were a bit reluctant to light ! Hot soup, sausage rolls and cake a plenty to enjoy before rain stopped play at 9.15pm. after which we retired indoor for tea and coffee.












Harvest Thanksgiving

harvestWhat has been going on this past month? For us at Sorges and Cancelade our services have been Harvest thanksgiving combined with Back to Church Sunday, these services are always a joyful event celebrating all the fullness of creation. God’s gifts to us in the way of our physical needs and an opportune reminder that not everyone in this world has all they need to sustain life  and health. Contributions were collected for the Secours Catholique.








The Harvest service at Negrondes was enjoyed by all who came and our harvest gifts were accepted on behalf of the Secours Catholic by Mme Marguerite de Fursac, who thanked us for the gifts and reminded us of the great need some people are in. Mme Chantal Jeanney who was with her has been asked by the Bishop to write for their magazine about the ecumenism between the Catholic and Anglican church in this area.




After the service a bring and share lunch was greatly enjoyed in the Salle Polyvalent at Sorges. Here after our lovely repas Philip Pearce told us how to capture asiatic hornets in a plastic bottle in the month of February befor they begin nesting and multiplying. A very useful tip !





September BBQ chez Liz

We held our annual BBQ at Liz's house on Saturday the 22nd September. Around 50 people came and it was a fun afternoon.

Rain had been forecast, but the weather was just right! Brian Mayes played his "easy street music" to add to the party ambiance. We made 558 € for the Chaplaincy.


The Picnic on Sunday September 16th



The PICNIC Sunday 16th September after the Chancelade service happened to be on Liz Oaten’s birthday, so was a jolly occasion.








Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” and Frances had made a huge and delicious chocolate birthday cake.




Baptism 12th August

These photos were taken at  Negrondes and (Chez Brook) 12 August for Stella's baptism: a joyful day indeed.

We were delighted to meet some of their family who came from Norway for the occasion.


Bring and Share picnic on July 8th

Competition was great for the bring and share picnic after the service at Negrondes on the 8th July: Formula 1, Dordogne tour and Wilmbledon final all competing for followers.

After a lovely service of Holy Communion service led by Rev'ds Michael and Ann Wooderson, the majority of the congregation moved to the home of Elizabeth and Philip Brook just outside Corgnac sur L'Isle for a 'picnic '. This all moved inside as the weather was proving to be a bit unsettled.

17 adults and 5 children enjoyed a lovely variety feast of scrumptious  food. Despite the weather there was one valiant swimmer to take the plunge.

Wimbledon final was still watched and enjoyed by those that stayed to help clear up!!


On the 9th of June our Strawberry Tea went with great Jubilation for HRH the Queen

Liz’s garden was a picture, a real delight, and english country garden in rural France. Over 50 people gathered to see the garden and enjoy a generous afternoon tea. All had just sorted their places and sat down, tea pots were being filled when the heavens opened.

We were however not fazed by changeable weather and tables inside the house were quickly prepared as everyone rushed in out of the torrential rain. Tea was served !  There were 4 stalwarts that remained under their parasol the entire time, well done Michael and co !

Patrick Sturges raised a champagne toast to Her majesty the Queen, reminding us of her dedication to her country and it’s people, he then led the singing of  the national anthem.

Brocante books and plants were on sale also and the grand total of a little over 600euros was raised for the chaplaincy.  A huge thank you to all who came and all the willing helpers.


House Group

Has been following Pauls lead and centering on prayer, although we are often side tracked by the prayer subjects that come up in our discourse. There is so much that needs God’s hand and intervention sometimes it all seems too much.

To be steady and faithful in prayer is not as easy as it sounds, meeting together helps to strengthen each one of us in our prayer life so I do encourage each one of you to join with others to pray. Try meeting with a close friend or in triplets if house group is not for you. However ALL are welcome, we have no better way of doing things and continue to learn from each other and God’s word.

Summer visitors will be on the way so put out your church posters and leaflets, spread the word, tourist offices and the maries will take them and of course a poster in the local boulangerie is always seen.


Easter Joy

The joy of easter with a wonderful service led by Rev.Roger Watts at Negrondes gave April a great start. The church looked lovely and the congregation in good voice, thank you to all who contributed towards such a celebratory service.
This was followed on the 15th at Chancelade  with the service of blessing for the grand son of Penny and Patrick Sturges, young Lambert Eiji who was perfectly content to be passed around and took  centre stage like a professional.  May he grow in faith and may our prayers  support  him through life.


2011 Christmas Carol Service in Chancelade

Carol ServiceThe Carol Service took place, in the 12th Century Abbey of Chancelade at 16.00 on Sunday 11th December, with Variations Choir singing traditional carols.

The Festive Season was celebrated with traditional mulled wine and mince pies after the service.

The Christmas Communion service for the Sorges centre was held in the church in Negrondes on Wednesday 21st December and was be followed by Christmas lunch at the Auberge de la Truffe in Sorges. The meal was very well attended and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves!



churchinaquitaineWe held a barbecue at Liz Oaten’s house on Saturday 3rd of September.

Although promised “orage” and “pluie” by the meteorological services, a fine sunny day ensued with much sunshine and exactly three drops of rain, which were only noticed by two people!churchinaquitaine

Brian Mayes provide some magnificent musical entertainment on guitar and keyboard, with Country and Western and some good old British music hall songs, with much participation from the guests, to get the volume up!

The guests departed in high humour clutching their (especially good) raffle prizes!

In total we raised 380€ for the Chaplaincy




We enjoyed greatly the July service in Chancelade as it was led by the Revd. John Morgan - on his birthday. John’s sermon as ever was both amusing and challenging as he asked us to consider whether we would wish to be happy, content or at peace. Tea in the garden by the chapel afterwards was also rather challenged as the fine July day suddenly turned rainy as we came out of church. The day also marked Veronica Dare-Bryan’s birthday – a rather special one - and we all sent her our very best wishes.

Clearly, it is a season for birthdays as Sue Baker also celebrated a special birthday in July. Our very best wishes to Sue and a big Thank You for all she does for our Centre.



On 7th August, Elizabeth and Philip Brook welcomed everyone for a picnic at their house. We brought food and friends, while the Brooks will provided table tennis, the swimming pool and petanque. We all enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing afternoon.

The Thursday lunchtime house group meetings during the summer are somewhat irregular because of the advent of visitors and our own holidays. However, please make a note in your diaries that, come the autumn, we shall be looking at Michael Harvey’s talks to see how we can put into practice some of his ideas on growing our church here in the north east corner of the Chaplaincy.


Strawberry tea at Liz Oaten's

chancelade/sorge tea


Belatedly reporting on our Cream Tea in May, Liz Oaten opened her house and garden to the delight of all. A wonderful tea of sandwiches, scones, cakes, tea and pink champagne was served, amidst the plants and books for sale and the endless conversations!

Many thanks to all the workers and customers - a very healthy sum of 469 euros was raised for the Chaplaincy.


Fundraising Events

The Curry and Quiz evening held at Fleur de Jasmin in Thiviers courtesy of Donna & Ian Oxley was a great success and raised around 260 euros for Paralyses de France and Emmaus. The quiz taxed our brains and left some of us wanting............ the answers!


chanceladesorge housegroup

Annual Centre Meeting held in March 2011

The main event in March was our Annual Centre Meeting, chaired by the Chaplain, which took place after a service of Holy Communion in Sorges, at which Patrick Sturges was formally licensed as a Congregational Worship Leader.

The centre looked back over a year which had shown some remarkable sucesses: we contributed the largest sum ever to the chaplaincy, as well as raising over 4,000 € for Chap-Aid. The hard work of committee members and the loyal support of church members all contributed to this success, but particular thanks were returned to Veronica Dare-Bryan whose well organised Golf Day and "scratch" Messiah performance were the major fund-raising events.