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'Aquitaine Talks' - Sermons from around the Chaplaincy

church onlineWe are delighted to announce that Church Online has been streamlined: the focus of the content is on God’s word for the purpose of worship, learning and reflection.

  • Weekly online worship

The initial drive for Church Online was to provide an opportunity for people to come together virtually with other members of the chaplaincy, both near and far. It has been a great source of strength and comfort to its audience through what has been a difficult time. The heart of this coming together has been the weekly service which, even though many centres in the chaplaincy are now open, has continued to draw a healthy number of viewers to pray and worship via their computer screen. The service still connects people within the chaplaincy with one another and more to the point, with God through prayer, music and scripture.

  • Aquitaine Talks

audio libraryEach week a written copy of the sermon is made available which is a useful reminder of the topic and what was said. This ‘aide memoire’ has now been taken one step further: Aquitaine Talks is a new feature which provides an audio library of sermons, taken from the online weekly worship service. Current episodes span the period of Lent and Easter - each episode gives the listener an opportunity to revisit sermons for learning and/or for reflection.

Click here to visit 'Aquitaine Talks' on 'Church Online'. The recordings can also be found on Spotify and iTunes. Happy listening.