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Bishop Robert's 2020 Advent Appeal - an outstretched hand

diocese in europechap-aidClick here to hear Tony introduce the Bishop's Advent Appeal in this 'Prayer and Update video'

Click here to view the special fundraising page for Chap-Aid, which has been created to collect online donations for this Appeal (with a red background)

+ Bishop Robert writes:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

online givingLast week, we witnessed a deeply sobering point in our global struggle against Covid-19: over 1 million people worldwide have now died from the virus. We know and see the impacts of Covid-19 in our own communities here in Europe, and the stresses and strains it brings for us all in our daily lives. We see too, numbers of infections and deaths increasing once more among us, across the Diocese in Europe.

advent appeal

 In Morocco (within our own Diocese) there have now been over 140,000 confirmed cases, and nearly 2,500 deaths. In South Africa, despite introducing one of the severest lockdowns in the world, over 685,000 cases have been recorded. In some areas of Africa, Covid-19 is exacerbating both ongoing violence, conflict and bloodshed and existing health crises, like tuberculosis. Lack of testing and data issues mean the real numbers in Africa may actually be far higher than those recorded. John Nkengasong from the Africa Centres for Disease Control told the BBC yesterday: “I don’t think we are over the first wave yet, we have not yet hit the bottom at all.”

outstretched hand



In response to emergency needs right across the Communion, you may have seen that the Archbishop of Canterbury launched a Covid-19 “Together in Unity” Appeal. I am delighted that his Appeal has already raised over £100,000. My Advent Appeal this year is to urge your support for the work the Anglican Communion Fund is doing to alleviate the ravaging impact of Covid-19 in the poorest parts of the world. The Anglican Communion Fund (ACF) is making a difference on the ground to people who are suffering every day, the human cost of this pandemic.

Behind the statistics are human life stories of deprivation from lack of food, access to basic hygiene and sanitation facilities, and worsening economic hardship in the poorest communities for those unable to work. Below and attached are illustrated examples from ACF-supported projects in Sudan and Mexico. Where you have relationships with churches across the Communion, you will know of their situations, with first-hand reasons to support an Appeal to help those who have already lost so much and have least.

advent appealI am delighted that, with your help, the diocese raised nearly £15,500 for my Advent Appeal 2019 to promote the empowerment of women in the Anglican Communion. I should add that ACF also provides key support to our own work representing the Anglican Communion in the European Institutions, on issues such as migration and refugees, human rights, freedom of expression and belief, and domestic violence against women.

Bishop Moses Zungo from Maridi Diocese in South Sudan expressed his gratitude for ACF’s support, saying, “You held our hand during our most trying moments.” I hope we in our diocese can help with an outstretched hand to brothers and sisters in the Anglican Communion who are suffering so deeply right now from the impact of Covid-19, by supporting the work on the ground by the ACF.

Please give as generously as you can to this Advent Appeal.

With every blessing,

chap-aid+Robert Gibraltar in Europe

Click here to view the special fundraising page for Chap-Aid, which has been created to collect online donations for this Appeal (with a red background)