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Looking back on 2023...

our church lifeSchedule of Local Annual Meetings – 2024

Tony introduces this and also explains the Electoral Roll in this video

Over the coming weeks we will be holding our Local Annual Meetings (or LAMs) in all of our church sectors.

The LAMs are an important part of our church life. It’s a time to review and celebrate everything that has happened over the last year and to make decisions about the running of the church, most notable to elect the church committee or team and wardens for the coming year. You will also have a chance to decide who will represent your church on the Chaplaincy Council – the equivalent of the Parochial Church Council or PCC. The Council is responsible for working with the Chaplain and Chaplaincy Wardens on all aspects of the overall management of the Chaplaincy.

The LAM, held after the morning service, will commonly last for 30-45 minutes and, if it hasn’t already been arranged, I would encourage all churches, wherever possible, to have a shared meal together following the meeting. Jesus loved to eat with his friends and disciples and there is, to my mind, not better way of getting to know each other better.


All are welcome to attend these church meetings held after each of the following services:

Sunday 11 February, 10:30 Négrondes, Holy Communion

Sunday 25 February, 10:30 Bertric Burée, Holy Communion

Sunday 25 February, 10:30 Monteton, Holy Communion

Thursday 29 February - 11:00 Condom Chapel, Holy Communion

Sunday 3 March, 10:30 Eymet, Prayer & Praise

Sunday 3 March, 15:30 Bordeaux, Holy Communion

Sunday 10 March, 10:30 Limeuil, Holy Communion

Sunday 17 March, 11:00 Ste Nathalène, Praise and Communion

Sunday 07 April, 11:00 Doudrac, Holy Communion

These meetings tie into the Chaplaincy AGM (Annual General Meeting)... please see below


The Chaplaincy Electoral Roll...

The Electoral Roll is another key part of our church life and administration. In order to vote and play a full part in both LAMs and the Chaplaincy AGM, your name must be on our Electoral Roll.

In France the roll operates slightly differently to an Electoral Roll in an English church. First and foremost, it is the membership list of our French Association Cultuelle but also the eligibility requirements reflect our diverse multi-denominational Chaplaincy.

If you are not already on the roll, or if you’re not sure, the please do contact your local wardens or electoral roll officer, or Amy or me and we can help you through the process.

Being on the roll really isn’t scary and doesn’t have any hidden pitfalls but does allow you to play a full part in, and be informed about the life of your local church and the wider Chaplaincy.


Chaplaincy Assemblée Générale: Saturday 20th April 2024, 11:00am (online, via zoom)

jesus christ is the same

Please note this date in your diary; all are encouraged to attend and take part in this online meeting.

Please contact someone from your local Committee/Team for more information. All are invited to attend; you would be most welcome.

We are also planning a Chaplaincy-wide Celebration the weekend of Pentecost, details to follow soon.