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EU Data Protection

Your privacy is very important to us, at the forefront of everything we do, and we are committed to managing data transparently and lawfully.

Please click here to read our Information (Privacy) Notice.


Data Mining - a 21st Century goldrush?

The Chaplain writes: "I would guess that everyone, by now, is aware that there are people out there trying to get as much information about us as possible. In most cases, this is for entirely legal and perhaps even desirable reasons, but our personal data also has value to those with less acceptable intentions. Some very high profile cases recently – for example at Facebook – have highlighted that ‘data mining’ is becoming big business.

If you subscribe to anything online or even simply use a search engine like Google, you have probably been asked to read and accept the company’s new privacy policy. This is a response to new regulations that came onto force throughout Europe on 25th May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – or RGPD in French) is the first pan-European measure aimed at ensuring a consistent level of security in all organisations that hold personal data.

From an individuals point of view, the main advantages of this new legislation are:

a) We have a right to know exactly what personal data is being held.

b) We must be asked how that data may be used.

c) Organisations have to be able to demonstrate how they are ensuring the security of the data they hold.

Personal data is defined as any information about a living individual which is capable of identifying that individual. This would include such information as name, address, email address, phone number, photo, bank details etc. Any database containing two or more of these pieces of information would be of interest to those involved in identity theft. So, even your own address book, be it electronic or paper, has a potential value!

In our Chaplaincy we hold a huge amount of data in many different places and for many reasons. Over the coming weeks you will all be receiving messages informing you where we are holding your data, why we are holding it and how we would like to be able to use it. Please do not just ignore these messages! One key element of the new legislation is that permission must be sought on an “opt-in” basis so, if, for example, you do not tell us that we are allowed to use your data to email you a copy of this magazine, we will have to stop doing so.

Please do cooperate as fully and as quickly as you can to our efforts to make this Chaplaincy compliant with this important new legislation. I am sure that we all appreciate that it is for our own benefit and is a much-needed move in the fight to secure our personal data."