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Green Christian monthly Prayer Guide

green christianOrdinary Christians, extraordinary times!

Click here to visit the Green Christian website, and check out their very useful and informative Prayer Guide.


'Time for Creation' resources available

For Creationtide resources, visit the Church of England Creationtide website here.

creationCreationtide, 'Time for Creation' is very much an ecumenical celebration, taking place each year from 1st September - 4th October. Resources are avaialble here from the World Council of Churches website.

The Eco-Congregation Scotland website features an interesting 4-week study:

Week 1 – Pilgrimage: God’s invitation to get moving (Matthew 16: 21-28)

Week 2 –  Guide for the journey: God’s commandments (Matthew 18: 15-20)

Week 3 – God’s companionship on the journey (Matthew 18: 21-35)

Week 4 – Food for the journey: God’s provision (Matthew 20: 1-16)

The beginning and the end date of Time for Creation are linked with the concern for creation in the Eastern and the Western traditions of Christianity, respectively.

September 1st was proclaimed as  a day of prayer for the environment by the late Ecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios I in 1989. The Orthodox church year starts that day with a commemoration of how God created the world. On 4 October, Roman Catholics and other churches from the Western traditions commemorate Francis of Assisi, known to many as the author of the Canticle of the Creatures.

Prayer during Creationtide: God, of the living earth You have called people to care for your world - you asked Noah to save creatures from destruction. May we now understand how to sustain your world – Not over-fishing, not over-hunting, Not destroying trees, precious rainforest Not farming soil into useless dust. Help us to find ways to use resources wisely to find a path to good, sustainable living in peace and harmony with creatures around us. Amen.


Prayers during the Creationtide season: Sept - Oct

God of wisdom, showing us your love in the rising sun and waning tide, you grace Earth with life in all its variety.
Every thing has meaning, is blessing; every one is charged with care for the smallest creature to the ocean’s depth.
Grant us wisdom to know your ways of love and gentle kindness. Give us the mind to learn what we do not know but long to understand so that we may honour and nurture all that makes us one with you. Amen.

God of Heaven and earth, you have blessed us with the works of your hands,
The tall mountains and deep blue seas, even wonderful creatures to adorn it and have given us dominion over all of them.
Help us to preserve and appreciate this gifts that others may benefit, even generations to come, this we pray through Jesus Christ, our Lord and the Holy Spirit
one God now and for ever. Amen.


'A Rocha France' centre for environmental study courses

creation courseA Rocha France is part of A Rocha (see www.arocha.org), a worldwide environmental Christian organisation. One of their two sites is the Domaine des Courmettes, which is a private property of 600 hectares situated in the commune of Tourrettes-sur-Loup in the Alpes-Maritimes.

At over 800m and including the Pic de Courmettes (1248 m), the whole site is a nature reserve and provides outstanding views of the Côte d’Azur below. The heart of the estate is the old chateau which can welcome different sized groups for varied activities including raising awareness of environmental questions.

The courses aim to explore scientific and theological questions about creation in the stunning scenery of Les Courmettes. It’s a partnership between The Faraday Institute and A Rocha France, and will include lectures, study sessions, practical activities and guided excursions, plus plenty of time for relaxation and solitude.

For more details about future courses, visit their website here.


Reduce plastic consumption during Lent!

plasticJoin the 'Lent plastics challenge' - and help make a positive change!

Over 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic have produced since the 1950s. If you are looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact why not join us in the Lent plastics challenge. Download it here.

There is also a Facebook group - Plastic-less Lent 2018 where you can share your journey, tips, tools etc. with others trying to live more lightly.



Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust - June 12th: 6 month anniversary of Paris Agreement

tread gently lent

Recently, over 5000 names of individuals, 270 high-level faith leaders and over 170 religious groups were handed over to the UN General Assembly President, as part of the Interfaith Climate Change Statement. Together this was covered by media from around the world. The next step is to show the world that our words are matched by our actions, and our unwavering commitment to care for our sacred earth.

Join this movement on June 12th, for a day of action and prayer for people and the planet. June 12th is the 6-month anniversary of the Paris Agreement, and religious and spiritual groups around the world are joining forces for a worldwide event called Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust. 

 Sign up to participate here.



Fasting for Climate Change: 1st day of each month

fast for climateIt's been inspiring to read about the recent progress made during the Climate Change Conference in Paris, historic negotiations which have the potential to be a new dawn for the international effort to address climate change. From the pilgrimages, to worldwide marches and community level action, churches have been and continue to be a huge part in this movement. So inspiring!

People of faith have been fasting together on the first of every month. During the climate talks faith leaders and fasters gathered around a table set with empty plates. “It’s lunchtime, but we’re not eating! We’re fasting for climate justice, and for all countries to play their fair part in tackling climate change.”

Perhaps an idea for an additional Lent Challenge, to join with others to give one day per month for the climate?

read here

Visit the Green Christian website, which features prayer guides, worship materials, and suggestions on how to learn more and get involved.


August Music and Picnic fundraising for environmental charity "A Rocha"

a rochaMusic and Picnic for the Planet - raised 850 € in aid of A Rocha - ‘What a Jamboree!’  Click here to visit the A Rocha website.

The weather threatened the fundraising event, but did not materialise, save for a few spots of rain. After our morning church service we convoyed to Chez Vignas, home of Rick and Cilla Pickett where, mingling with other music lovers, we all enjoyed our picnics. A bar with wine, coffee and the most delicious (I am told) cakes stood proudly in the Barn/Music Hall.

a rocha fundraisingAt about 3pm the music started with Dan Jones and Classical Guitar, including a 'Deuxiemere' of his own composition, Cavatina and many other favourites. Then followed a trio of drums ,keyboard and guitar, a great mixed salad from Chris, Rainer and Pete, including 'Tambourine man' and other well-known standards.

A sing-a-long with AJ Weber brought, for me, memories of the separation endured by many Service families, bitter/sweet, but such memories. Keith and Annie Shave excelled as they usually do, bringing Love, Love of Music and God's Love to us in abundance. 'Broken Biscuits', with guitar and violin made a terrific impact.

At 6pm or so an excellent barbecue was served with bangers, burgers, coleslaw and salad. - A treat that was lubricated with that delicious Jango Reinhardt style of Matt Guez, and the musical performances rounded off with Rick and his group.

What a true Smorgasbord of music. What reminders of yesteryear and yesterday. I personally can't wait for next year, and another helping of Rick and Cilla's hospitality, and their amazing organisational gifts.

Thank you Cilla, Thank you Rick...I know I speak for us all. A ROCHA has benefited, but what pleasure you gave to us all.

- Tony Stephens

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ecumenical statement

Ecumenical Statement on the climate crisis

Religious leaders of France have spoken out together in support of the environment, stating that "the climate crisis is a spiritual and moral crisis." They make an appeal for "an upsurge of awareness so as to act consistently in favour of the climate and to question our values and our attitudes."

Click here to read the full Statement.