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“Temple d’Eymet is committed to bringing the love and hope of Christ to impossible situations through the preaching of the gospel with a mandate that drives us to do all we can to bring help and hope to our part of South West France through the Anglican and Protestant tradition. Our head is Jesus. Our help is the Holy Spirit. Our focus is the Great Commission!”

Forthcoming services in the Temple - 2023

Also, join us for a time of prayer at the Temple in Eymet every Thursday from 14:00 – 15:00. Anyone is welcome for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or the whole hour.

eymet templeSunday 1st Oct 10:30 Fresh Expressions, David Albrecht

Sunday 8th Oct, 10:30 Fresh Expressions, Allan Petchey

Sunday 15th Oct, 10:30 Fresh Expressions, Allan Petchey

Sunday 22nd Oct, 10:30 Fresh Expressions, Allan Petchey

Sunday 29th Oct, 10:30 Protestant Communion

Sunday 5th Nov, 10:30 Fresh Expressions, Allan Petchey

Sunday 12th Nov, 10:30 Fresh Expressions, Allan Petchey

Sunday 19th Nov, 10:30 Fresh Expressions, Allan Petchey

Sunday 26th Nov, 10:30 Fresh Expressions and Commissioning of Congregational Worship Leaders, Rev'd Tony Lomas


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'Let's Pray' - join us in Eymet on Thursday afternoons

Jprayer, light, and heatingoin us for a time of prayer at the Temple in Eymet every Thursday from 14:00 – 15:00. Anyone is welcome for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or the whole hour.

Also, join us for Fresh Expressions gatherings every Sunday at the Temple in Eymet at 10:30am. All are welcome to join us!

For more details, please contact Julia and Allan Petchey on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please tell your friends in the Eymet area about this project. We pray for the Lord's work in this place.








Eymet News

Summer 2022 with a Classic Swing at Eymet Temple

Svetlana Westall set the pace for August with a great piano concert in aid of the Temple refurbishment, which was attended by 70 people. We also sold cakes and crafts. People roundly applauded Svetlana as she tackled classics from the great masters such as Chopin and some 19th and 20th Century pieces which delighted the audience.

The event raised 705 Euros as people gave generously towards building improvements.

Later in the month the congregation gathered at Rick & Debbie’s for an English Tea. The cakes were fantastic and the setting perfectly shaded for what was a beautiful afternoon. We enjoyed the delights of wonderfully prepared tables offering neat sandwiches, handmade sausage rolls and did we mention cakes!!

The Temple Ladies also had a day out to Chateau Beynac in September and there was also a Sunday Lunch held at Julia & Allan Petchey’s.

We are grateful for all the ways we have been able to gather together for fellowship over the summer months.


Félibrée Célébrations in Eymet - 3rd July 2022

The Félibrée, or ‘Fête des Félibres du Périgord’ is the annual celebration of the traditions and language of Occitanie and after two years of waiting, Eymet was finally able to go ahead and host the 101st celebration of this kind. Since 1903, on the first Sunday of July, the Félibrée (felibrejada in Occitan) is celebrated in a chosen town of the Périgord and Eymet was selected as the town for 2020. Unfortunatly the pandemic meant the event had to be put on hold until it could finally take place this summer. The festival atmosphere of the weekend was helped by the glorious weather and the good humour of the many people who came along.

On the Sunday morning of the Félibrée, our Chaplain Tony was invited to take part in the Catholic Mass that was celebrated in the park of the Chateau in the centre of Eymet. Around 300 people attended the Mass that was celebrated, partly in the Occitan language by Abbé Christian Dutreuilh from the cathedral in Périgueux. Tony was asked to read the Gospel (seen in the photo), thankfully in French, which was then also read in Occitan. The invitation to take part in this important event shows the strong ecumenical links between the Chaplaincy, other faith groups and local communities.


Spring 2021 - News from Eymet Temple

worship at eymetWe continue to meet via Zoom on a Wednesday evening with our extended Church family here and in the UK. It is good to "see" people who are sheltering and feel connected. Although the town is quiet we have had a number of people arrive and then move on to new places as they've settled into the rhythm of life in France and then purchased their properties. Sometimes we think our mission is just to be here to help the settling in process!

At the end of January we had an excellent ecumenical service with Tony and the Eglise Protestante Pasteur Joel Dehan. Joel lead the singing on guitar and also did one of his own compositions. Joint meetings with our Mission partners are always a joy and we look forward to Joel returning for another joint service with Tony at the end of May.

Over February, during our Sunday services,  we did a series on the Psalm's and looked at various aspects from Praise to Complains. We considered how encouraging the psalms are as well as how the psalmist does not pull his punches when raging over the injustice done by the wicked in the world.

Thursday afternoon "Let's Pray" continues to be well supported as we pray through this pandemic! As we move into March and the run up to Easter and our weekly services continue, we rejoice that at least this year we will be in the Temple rather than discovering the oddities of running services over the internet as we did last year!


Winter 2021 - News from Eymet Temple

worship at eymetA quiet but steady post Christmas period. Sunday services have continued every week and we are pleased to report fair attendance at each one considering the time of year and pandemic. Our online presence continues with weekly Zoom Bible Studies where over Christmas we did the Journey's of Christmas covering the various journey's people did in the run up to Jesus' birth After Christmas we started a series looking at Men and Women of Faith based on Hebrews 11.

During this time we have had new persons joining us for 10:30am Sunday Worship and this is very encouraging. We have been able to maintain social distancing by spacing the chairs and we have kept things fun and Christ focused trying different ways of bringing the Good news to people, even in the finery of a home made cracker!

Thursday 14:00 to 15:00 "Let's Pray" seems to have a particular poignancy at present as we focus on God supporting business in the town and individual health concerns.

With still many people missing and shielding, we are pleased to be able to maintain our presence in the Bastide and we look forward to, once again, seeing visitors to the area who come a share worship.


Nothing like a bit of heat and light (October 2020)

heating and lightsAs the congregation at Eymet Temple pass their 6th Anniversary of existence as a joint Mission between the Eglise Protestant and Chaplaincy, we are pleased to report that we now have heat and light! As this now combines with the earlier triumph of water and toilet, it can now be declared that Eymet Temple has at last joined the 20th Century! Who knows what the 21st Century will bring? Unfortunately, this is where the triumph stutters and stumbles a little as we are in the midst of Pandemic and this inevitably impacts on the everyday workings of the team here in Eymet. However, we do hope that the next stages of decoration and rotten wood removal will go ahead so that the Temple starts to feel even more alive and cared for to the glory of God.

The establishment of bible study over Zoom has been a great benefit allowing those persons living further afield or shielding to join in with a Study of Hebrews followed by a study of the words of Jesus "I am". This will take us up to the Christmas period where we will do the various "Journeys" from different aspects of the Christmas Story participants.

Thankfully the flexible space of the Temple has enabled us to re-open our doors, socially distance our chairs to enable "masked" Prayer on Thursday and Worship on Sunday. Being open in Town has attracted in English and French visitors. The holidaying Brits just pleased to be able to attend Worship at last and some French people "God prompted" to reassess their spiritual life.

As we head for the Christmas period we have a busy time ahead and although our numbers are smaller than they were, we are determined to ensure the community in Eymet know that we are praying for them, their businesses and of course to remain in good health.    - Allan & Julia Petchey - Congregational Worship Leaders


2019 Christmas craft fair - making connections in the community

We are pleased to report that the Nov 16th Christmas craft fair at the Eymet Temple raised a total of 349.24€. Thank you to all who helped to make this such a successful Christmas market, especially Anne who did a great job with posters, getting stall holders and organising the event. It wasn't just raising funds, but building good relationships in our community, and we were delighted that the mayor was able to attend.


2019 Palm Sunday at the Temple

palm sundayYou can see from our coats and sunglasses that it was a cool but sunny Palm Sunday in Eymet Centre Square. Yet from our smiles, see that the warmth of the Holy Spirit was with us as we sang Hosanna accompanied by Ros on Guitar and Judith on Violin, before processing to La Temple. One of the great things about Eymet as a place of worship is that we do get seen by people! Standing around us in the square were small groups of curious onlookers, regarding our public witness to our Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

In the Temple, with the door wide open as is the tradition at Eymet Fresh Expressions, we sang heartfelt praise and worship songs, spoke psalms, prayed and reflected on the Gospel reading from Luke whilst Rev.Tony reminded us of the arduous journey our Lord took from Jericho, through Bethany to Jerusalem. How blessed we are to have such a central place of worship and have public witness available to us as we humbly attempt to share our faith. Hallelujah!







Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions in Eymet

fresh expressions

fresh expressions

The Fresh Expressions "Temple Project" in Eymet started in August 2014, and continues to grow!

"Fresh Expressions" seeks to transform communities and individuals through championing, resourcing and multiplying new ways of being church. We work with Christians from a broad range of denominations and traditions and the movement has resulted in thousands of new congregations being formed alongside more traditional churches.

The Team comprises of 2 Worship Leaders from the Chaplaincy of Aquitaine, Allan & Julia Petchey, along with the Chaplain, Rev'd Tony Lomas, working in collaboration with the Eglise Protestant Unie de France (Pastor Joël Dahan). The aim of the Project is to raise awareness of the Christian faith in Eymet by engaging with local English and French communities.

A weekly “Let's Pray” is undertaken on Thursday afternoon 14:00 until 15:00. There is an advertised schedule of Contemporary worship 10:30 Sunday morning: always the 2nd Sunday alongside other services. The 5th Sunday is always a Communion Service lead by the Pastor. Services are for one hour.

église protestante Contemporary services are held at the Temple every Sunday at 10:30am, in English with some French translations.The service is projected on screen and the music is modern presented either by a band, musician or ipod. The Communion Service is conducted in French with some English translation. Services are open to all age groups and there are activities for children.

An activity table is available for children.  Refreshments follow all services.  A collection will be taken to help fund work to be done on the building and to meet expenses.  Toilets are available at the Café des Arts.

The Temple provides a flexible space for worship and life’s key events of Baptism, Marriage or Bereavement. Enquiries or information about faith and the gospel of Christ are most welcome. Whatever stage you are on life’s journey you will find a warm welcome at the Temple in Eymet.

For more information, please contact Julia and Allan Petchey on: 05 53 74 92 07 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).





Trypraying: give it a try!

Trypraying is for those who don’t do church. Visit the website here.

It’s the work of a traffic planner, a shop manager, a writer, a designer, an entrepreneur, a civil engineer and others.

Many people have been impacted by praying at difficult times in their lives . Watch the videos in the story section, as a few people share their experiences of prayer. Also featuring stories of those such as Jenna and John who have started out on the trypraying journey of faith.

Download the prayer booklet here.


Video on Reasons (why people don't go to church)

Watch a video on Reasons (why people don't go to church).

Reasons (Why People Don't Go to Church) from Capital City Grace on Vimeo.