Renewing Your Vows

Couples can choose other types of services.

The Chaplaincy of Aquitaine offers married couples the opportunity to renew their marriage vows. This service is called a Service of Thanksgiving for Marriage that gives couples the chance to give thanks for their time together and look forward to the development of their relationship in the future.

When is a good time to renew our vows?

Couples often arrange a renewal of vows around a milestone wedding anniversary. The service gives an opportunity to celebrate a special anniversary, or celebrate a new start after a particularly difficult time. Phil and Lesley renewed their vows on the 9th Anniversary of their wedding. The couple renewed their vows in the picturesque setting of the river front gardens in the centre of Bordeaux.

“Phil and Lesley, when you joined your hands and hearts in marriage nine years ago, you did not know what the future held but you trusted the love you found. You had the courage to make a life together involving all the risks that lasting love requires and you made your vows in faith. Now you have lived them and stand here changed by the adventure of all that has happened. Then your love will have blazed radiant and new, now the blaze is pure gold.”

Extract from Renewal of Marriage Vows Service held in Bordeaux, 2020.